Navigating Due Diligence in the New Age of Compliance

ESG/CSR for Non-Food products

Sustainability at the heart: From supply chains to store shelves, ensuring products meet the mark

The Rising Importance of Due Diligence:
Supply chains are in the spotlight. With a big push for clear actions and openness, things are changing. Rules like the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and Germany's "Lieferkettengesetz" say one thing loud and clear: businesses need to be open about what they do.

Marrying Product Compliance and Due Diligence:
Many are trying to make supply chains trustworthy. But if you're in the non-food game, the best play is combining product compliance with supply chain checks. It's just smarter to have them in one step.

ProductIP's Organised Approach:
New rules on the horizon? No worries. We have a simple way to help, and it offers great value. The result? You will work better and are always ready for any bumps in the road. And with 'Supplier Profiles', you watch over supplier performance, and they look after compliance.

Planning for Future Details:
Impactful regulations, like the German Lieferkettengesetz, the upcoming European Due Diligence Act, and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), are here to stay. But at ProductIP, we're always a step ahead. We're setting up the tech and keeping a close eye on what's next. So, you're always on the ball. We hand you the tools, but you've got to roll up your sleeves and get to work.

In Summary:
Supply chains can get messy. But with ProductIP, you get a clear path forward. We've got a passionate CSR/ESG team that's been in the thick of it, ready to guide you. We're all in this together, making sure businesses act right. And remember, at the end of the day, we're all consumers wanting the best.

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indicator of supplier performance from red to orange to green,

We provide professional support in the implementation and execution of product and supply chain compliance.

Today's Consumers Want More
People today want more than just high-quality items. They want products that are safe, responsibly produced, and do not impact the environment. So, companies need to show that they're committed, from the first steps in design to production, from warranty and repair to how the product is eventually disposed of.

Things Are Changing
Legislation is not just getting stricter, it is increasing rapidly. It's also becoming more and more complex. Some companies are struggling to find the right know-how, while others are swamped with too much information on what they have to do to comply. All this confusion isn't just stressful—it also costs money.

Introducing ProductIP: We Guide You Through the Complexity
Our top-notch web-based Software as a Service isn't just about helping you, and your suppliers, follow the rules—it's about making the whole product compliance process better. Take advantage of our large and current knowledge base. It's a reliable source for business owners, sellers, online retailers, and even government agencies. We're not just a software; we're your partner, helping to make your product compliance efficient and your supply chain transparent and responsible.

Stand Out with ProductIP
In a market where everyone is competing fiercely, businesses that offer clear and trustworthy products have an advantage. Be a leader in your field, and let ProductIP help you succeed more efficiently.

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