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Sell products that do not cause hassle. We help you achieve that.

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Companies involved in retail and trade are increasingly being challenged by customers, shareholders, NGO's and market surveillance authorities about issues with products. Every day there are issues with the safety of products, with substances that are restricted, with energy consumption that is not in line with regulations. The regulatory agenda is becoming more and more complex and, because of adding more and more technologies, so are products. Not being able to cope with this is potentially hampering your growth and reducing bottom line results. These are aspects of businesses that management needs to control.

You will become a Pro in Product Compliance

We convert complex regulatory information into a step by step approach that starts with what you will understand: a product. You will then know what questions to ask to your suppliers, what documents they need to upload directly in a structured way instead of sharing this in an uncontrolled way via e-mails. MatchIt, our built-in intelligence, offers a complete new approach to how to review documents. You don't need to learn new skills, you do need to be determined!

Deal with product compliance in a structured, efficient and proactive way. Make the right choices on suppliers and raw materials. Secure the quality of your product range. Control costs and mitigate risks at the same time. Your product compliance team deserves the best tool available. One that comes without investment in IT or staff. And enables you to start in only 5 minutes.

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Sell products that do not cause hassle. We help you achieve that.

"We believe it is possible for anybody to sell compliant consumer products at a competitive price."


Get guidance towards starting with the ProductIP platform. Learn more about Product Compliance. Do not know what certificates you need? Did someone asked you for documents? ProductIPedia is here to help.

What is your role in the Supply Chain?

We guide people with different roles in the supply chain. Each with their own responsibilities and challenges. We provide guiding on what you should do, training & education and offer assistance to help everyone in the chain take ownership of their responsibilities.

By knowing the role or roles you own in the chain, you can take ownership of the responsibilities and challenges that comes with the role(s). We're gonna be honest with you, it's not magic that we offer. You still have to put in work, we enable you to speed up your work and multiply the work you can do.

Brand owner
Trading agent
Brand owner

What you should do:

  • Perform a risk assessment
  • Draw up technical documentation
  • Ensure that your supply chain partner has used relevant EU and national standards
  • Collect the evidence that ensure compliance with these standards
  • Ensure that procedures are in place to guarantee compliance for repeat orders
  • Keep information available for 10 years
Brand owner

How we assist you:

  • Risk assessment training
  • Advise & provide guiding what technical documents need to be made
  • Supply a list of all relevant EU and national standards
  • Collect & organise evidence for standards
  • Advise on how to manage procedures for maximum result
  • Keep information available for 10 years

What you should do:

  • Ensure instructions and safety information are in the language of the consumer
  • Ensure product has information of the brand owner and or importer
  • Ensure you deal with Extended Producer Responsibilities (Packaging, WEEE, Battery Directive)
  • Maintain a complaint register and communicate results with supply chain partner
  • Ensure the Declaration of Conformity is available and correct

How we assist you:

  • Label checks by our specialists
  • Supply a list of all relevant EU and national standards
  • Collect & organise evidence for standards
  • Declaration of Conformity generator in our ProductIP platform
  • Share documents with consumers via QR code & public page

What you should do:

  • Review the risk assessment as done by your supplier
  • Draw up technical documentation
  • Ensure that your supplier used relevant EU and national standards
  • Collect and review the evidence that ensure compliance with these standards
  • Keep information available for 10 years

How we assist you:

  • Risk assessment training
  • Provide guiding what technical documents need to be made
  • Supply a list of all relevant EU and national standards
  • Collect & organise evidence for standards
  • Hide supplier information with our redaction tool
  • Share the result with your customer
  • Keep information available for 10 years
Trading agent

What you should do:

  • Perform tests to appropriate standards
  • Use comprehensive requirement list as first filter during sourcing
  • Ensure factory performs tests to correct EU and national standards
  • Ensure factory delivers accurate compliance evidence on time
  • In case required draw up DoC as notified body
  • Integrate the process of technical file making in your services offering
Trading agent

How we assist you:


What you should do:

  • Use comprehensive requirement list as start for product design
  • Performs tests to correct EU and national standards
  • Ensure that sub-contractors and vendors match your compliance efforts
  • Integrate the process of technical file making in your processes
  • Manage and share accurate compliance efficiently with your customers

How we assist you:


Each company is different but they all share the same challenges.
We offer you the tools to stay in control and do more with the same amount of resources. You decide how much work you want to do, you can outsource all kinds of compliance related work to ProductIP. You can up- and downgrade the amount of work you'll do and how much we do for you!

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Knowledge & Collaboration platform

  1. First generate a list of applicable requirements for your products and the markets in which you sell them.
  2. Then invite your supplier to upload test reports, certificates, and other relevant information.
    The information is directly available to your whole team, for reviewing and organising.
  3. Use our Match-IT tool to link the documents to the corresponding legislation.
    Now you know what you what is missing and what risk it posses.

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Technical files

  1. You start selecting what product your going to sell, where and when.
  2. Depending on the product you will get additional questions.
  3. We generate for you a comprehensive and monitored requirement list. With references to EU and national legislation and applicable standards including amendments.

Create Your Compliance Workflow

ProductIP offers you new options to define your workflow. The main question you need to answer: how much work do you want to do?

In our Service overview you'll find more information about how you can shape your own Compliance Workflow. Want to outsource everything to ProductIP, or do you want to do everything yourself? We offer various services that allow you to increase the amount we take out of your hands.


When placing consumer goods on the market, there are many aspects to keep in mind. We will help you get the knowledge and tools to better manage product risks, prevent issues with authorities, ensure timely product availability, prevent cost of no-sale, reduce claims and complaints, improve product quality and save on testing costs.


Are you using all the correct symbols?

It can be a daunting task to design a product label, a packaging, a manual, with all the correct information. You need to ensure it complies with the requirements of all the EU countries where you want to sell. We can verify if you do. We are a market leader in this field.

Flaws in the artwork are low hanging fruit for market surveillance authorities. It points out that there is likely more wrong.

Reduce your company risk!

Chemical Risk Assessment

  1. Save money on costly product tests
  2. Know what substances are in your product
  3. Get better prices from your supplier by having more knowledge of risks

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  • Thomann


    "ProductIP enables us to keep pace with continuous development in product legislation. ProductIP is an asset for our work", Kevin Rodler, Director Quality Management.

  • Best Sellers

    Best Sellers

    ProductIP offers a powerful suite of tools that every company must have related to product legislation and product compliance. The business is getting more and more competitive, for us reason to cooperate with ProductIP as a long-term partner. With ProductIP “we’re in good company”. Rien van Dijk, CEO Best Sellers B.V.

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    "I am very satisfied with ProductIP and its services. Product conformity can be easily mapped and managed here. This saves us a lot of time in our daily business. It is also important to us that you always stay up to date if new EU directives change." Benjamin Bublat, CEO


Pay As You Go

Stop losing sleep about product compliance. Get organised and back in control so you can focus on your business. Start your own online product compliance desk now.

No subscription needed. You pay for the services with credits, buy 2 credits to start a Technical file! Purchase the number of credits needed for the services you need at the moment. Pay As You Go!

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  • Create Technical files for your products
  • Send your suppliers a list of missing documents and allow them to upload it in your Technical file!
  • Perform risk assessment using Verifeyer smart forms
  • Access to MatchIT, the document scanner within the platform
  • Hide important information using our document redaction tool!
  • Create EU (CE) Declarations of Conformities within seconds, in all EU languages
  • Access to file related guides, templates, compliance clips in our knowledge center
  • Notifcation center
  • Free access to our Compliance Tuesday events

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Planning on putting your whole product assortment in ProductIP? Go for Enterprise! This model offers unrestricted access to the features of ProductIP at premium pricing. Comes with an annual fee and monthly statements of the usages of the actual services rendered.

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  • All Pay As You Go features plus...
  • CSV import & export of data
  • Access to all resources in the knowledge center and the regulatory database
  • Create & Activate your own corporate requirements to be used within Technical files
  • Single sign-on for your account users

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